Lampe Berger Fragrant Oil Lamps

Lampe Berger fragrant oil lamps

Lampe Berger fragrant oil lamp in silver.

As beautiful as they are functional, Lampe Berger fragrant oil lamps add elegance and good health to any home. The flameless burning of the lamps uses a unique alcohol-based fuel which not only freshens the air but releases one of many available fragrances. The fuels contain essential oils that are made from natural botanical extracts perfuming the air and providing aromatherapy.

Cigar and cigarette smoke, food and pet odors are effectively neutralized and replaced with pleasing scents which enhance your home or office and create a healthier living environment.

Lampe Berger aroma diffusers have been regarded for nearly a century as objects of affluence and evolved into prized collectors items. Their beautiful, aesthetic designs are works of art by talented designers such as Galle, Lalique, Daum, and currently Regis Dho. Jean Cocteau and Gabrielle Chanel were fervent collectors of Lampe Berger.

Just as perfumes are blended for the body, Lampe Berger fragrant oils are created for harmony and balance — from sensual, opulent Oriental notes to the invigorating freshness of peppermint or ocean breezes and beyond.