Casa Fernandez Miami Maduro

Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva Maduro_Overview


Wrapper: Mexican San Andreas

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Vitola: Toro

Size: 6 X 54

Cigars Reviewed: 2



Appearance: gritty/slightly oily/veiny/solid construction

Aroma: leather/dark chocolate/spice & oak off the foot

Draw: Effortless

General Observations:

This stick has interesting appeal to the wrapper. Somewhat gritty to the touch, it has a slightly oily and veiny construction. The double band sits nicely against a luscious, dark Maduro wrapper and presents an elegance one should always expect in a cigar. So, not knowing anything else about the smoke this stick boldly presents itself in a manner of speaking; inviting and lending, perhaps, a favorable expectation.

Initial Lite:

Flavor: coffee & dark mellow spice

Smoke Volume: medium to full

Off the lite, fire gives rise to crak’d white pepper, coffee, and oak; mellowing down almost immediately just before the 1/4″ mark. This cigar changes almost immediately after the initial burn sets in and remains very consistent; opening up to a full-medium smoke volume that rounds out the palette nicely. The draw is impeccable and sustaining throughout the beginning. Despite a sudden crescendo that introduces complexity and richness, the maestro has transitioned into a diminuendo that relaxes the palette with a discernible interest.

1/4″ Mark:

Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva Maduro_InchBurn: even & slightly sharp

Draw: effortless

Ash: very chalky & peppery

At this point the smoke has completely mellowed down. Coffee, leather, and dark chocolate dominate a full smoke volume. Though its seems a bit compressed, the smoke keeps well in good proportions. In keeping with this stick one should expect a fairly relaxing smoke that does not impede the senses with unfavorable nuances. Still the draw is just as flawless as it started. The burn is even and the ash is mostly chalky.

Quarter to 1/2″ Mark:

Flavor: low complexity but full smoke volume

Burn: slightly uneven

Draw: loose & effortless

Casa Fernandez Miami Maduro_half

Slightly before the half-way mark the cigar is very smooth as it is rich. There is a strong sostenuto that provides a solid foundation to this stick. It is very casual and very pleasing to simply smoke this cigar without any hassle.


Warm cocoa & coffee with dark chocolate…nice fluffiness to the smoke

Draw: effortless

Burn: some unevenness, corrected manually

Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva Maduro_finish

Final Comments:

Despite having to correct some minor burn issues, the construction and draw mechanics of this stick exceeded beyond any normal expectations. This is a slightly less than complex smoke but rich and smooth. Much of the flavor has remained extremely consistent, not relinquishing any strength or presence straight to the finish line.  Altogether, managed quite eagerly a rich bounty one should find pleasing in an everyday manner.


Score (1): 89.5

Score (2): 87.5

Final Score: 88




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