Oliva Series V Melanio Maduro




Wrapper: Mexican San Andres

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Size: 6 1/2 Inches

Ring Gauge: 5



     Pre-Lite Observations:

The Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro has an elegant appearance which most aptly follows its Sumatra predecessor. The wrapper is extremely smooth and accentuated by thin, yet prominent veins. The pre-lite aroma is subtly complex with notes of earth and floral hay, complemented by a grainy and cocoa foundation. The constructive appearance of this cigar gives way to a slightly firm pre-lite draw, as well as an aesthetically sound box press shape.


    First Third: 

The initial burn presents a less than invasive approach to this cigar. It is extremely easy on the palette and opens up quite well after a gentle burn. Smooth cocoa and licorice are the first formidable notes which push through off the foot. Not heavily concentrated, yet still pervasive. Initially, one might expect to find this stick the perfect coffee house cigar which will pair extremely well for even the most occasional coffee enthusiasts who do not mind an occasional cigar. It is savory and the intensity, while slightly lacking, ramps up once past the 1/4″ mark.

    Second Half:

Into the second half, slight woodsy and peppery notes slip in nicely and take an interesting turn on the flavor. The change is not extremely strong and still yields a high level of interest as the cigar continues to develop a nice envelope. The burn is very sharp and slightly uneven with some manual correction. This cigar is relatively static overall with mild cocoa and licorice undertones. There are some notes of black pepper, but very subtle in its entirety. The burn at this point is very sharp and it needed a few manual corrections. The ash is extremely chalky and firm giving this cigar a nice cool draw.


The finish is highly reflective of the second half. Medium to full, static where cocoa and earth peppery spice are the dominating flavors throughout. It doesn’t seem to fluctuate regularly and maintains a very medium and mellow profile. The draw is much more open at this point where one might expect a more complex and greater finish, however the smoke continues to remain consistently reflective of its initial beginnings.

   Final Notes:

If you are expecting to find a great deal of complexity in this cigar you might want to reconsider other maduros. This is a very well made stick that will give an extremely consistent flavor profile if you are not looking to delve into an overtly complex cigar. It is a very easy going, flavorful cigar that hits the palette in an elegant manner and will undoubtedly have a mellow effect. It is very relaxing to smoke this cigar and will put one at ease of his or her daily battles.



Score (1): 89

Score (2): 88.5

Final Score: 88





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