Tatuaje Tattoo Lancero (Un-banded)

  • Tattoo_Image1Cigar: Unbanded/Box-Pressed
  • Shape: Lancero (Box-Pressed)
  • Size: 7 1/2 x 38
  • Wrapper: Habano Rosado Oscuro
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan
  • Time in Humidor: 18 months
  • Cut: Straight Guillotine
  • Cigars Reviewed: 2



Appearance: Brendled/Toothy/Smooth/Veiny

Aroma:  Cedar/woodsy/hay/cocoa/floral



The pre-lite draw is somewhat snug, but still pulls quite easily.

My first impression of the Tatuaje Tattoo Lancero given the experience of lancero mechanics is certainly one of hesitation.

Often this is the deciding factor whether one makes the cut or not and should never be influenced even by the rarest of cigars.

The quality and craftsmanship of the lancero must not be hindered by faulty draw mechanics or burn issues despite even the most amazing flavor profiles. Despite these initial observations, the appearance of this cigar is extremely aesthetic.

This is my first box-press lancero, and I am certainly looking forward to burning this one down. The aroma to the wrapper is surprisingly complex with flavors of light cedar, cocoa, woodsy hay, and sweet floral spice.

  • General Observations
  • Complexity: strong with mello cedar spice
  • Mouthfeel: dense/rounded
  • Flavor: cocoa/peppery/creamy
  • Draw: Effortless
  • Burn: Slightly un-even
  • Ash: white & chalky

 Inch Mark

Initial Impressions: Mellowed spice with prominent cedar/leather and creamy cocoa; full-medium bodied at this point with increased or otherwise ramped up mouthfeel; nice even burn.

The first inch of the Tatuaje Tattoo is mellowed with creamy cocoa and mild piny spice. Certainly the dominating flavor encompassing is leathery cocoa, although the front end spice seems to carry me away a bit beyond the coffee undertones.

At times, it does seem to overwhelm the palette. and stays fairly strong. Overall, a full-medium beginning to what appears to be a great start. The draw is somewhat snug, but still open and the burn is nice and even.

3/4″ Mark

  • Flavor Variance: cedar/crak’d pepper/cocoa; very creamy and extremely well-balanced.
  • Burn: sharp; some auto-correction
  • Draw:  Effortless

The cigar has become clearly more defined and there is a considerable amount of flavor that has opened up.  The spice has definitely mellowed out completely and has introduced a bit more sweet cedar and hay with some cracked pepper. Extremely well-balanced though the coffee and leather still pervade as the dominating flavor. Most lanceros can be deceiving in terms of strength, however this lancero is particularly well-balanced and mellow. Not to say this cigar doesn’t pack a punch because it does. It is certainly more complex by comparison.


Mild spice appears/creamy notes of hay and cedar/dominant flavor at this point: coffee.

tatuaje image_9

Final 1/3rd to Finish

  • Spice ramping up slightly; leather and coffee dominate.
  • Had to correct the burn a couple times but easily managed.
  • Finish: coffee/cocoa/leather/sweet cedar 

The flavor has become somewhat less intense. Much of the leather and coffee, the dominating elements, have toned down considerably.

Pushing thru the end we get a nicely balanced blend of sweet cocoa, hay, coffee, and somewhat earthy tonality. The finish extends these elements to a fuller complexity not expected, complimented by peppery undertones.

The burn to finish was slightly uneven, yet still very sharp despite a slightly warmer draw where much of the flavor remained unimpeded.


Score (1): 91

Score (2): 89

Overall Score: 90

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