(Burley, Black Cavendish, Cavendish, Virginia)
Usually offers a pleasant sweet taste on the palate accompanied by a pleasant room note.

1176: Blended of high grade Virginia and Burley tobaccos from Africa, with a light Cavendish added to assure extra mildness. Vanilla and chocolate flavors are in front of this unique blend. Both adding to the taste and smoking characteristics.

Amaretto Amore: Virginia-Black Cavendish with amaretto liqueur flavors.

Apricot Brandy: Ribbon cut Black Cavendish, flue-cured Virginia, and Kentucky Burley make up the five tropical flavors with brandy notes.

Austin Sunset: Lemon Virginias and Black Cavendish with Duke, fermented Maraschino, and rich Kansas Sweet Cherry.

Bit O’ Bliss: Ribbon cut Cavendish and pressed Burleys with honey and clover notes.

Bings Blend: This medium mixture is unusual for an aromatic tobacco. The pouch aroma is delicate, reflecting only the rich vanilla and caramel flavors aged into the leaf using a special heat-seasoning process. Made with Black Cavendish and lemon Virginias…and a burning aroma that is beautiful and light.

Champagne: Virginia blended Mexican Burley topped with two cuts of Black Cavendish with notes of French berries in this mild mixture.

Chairman of the Board: Blended with golden red Virginia tobaccos and a full touch of aromatic Black Cavendish. This lively combination of vanilla and pistachio flavors makes for one moderately sweet and mild smoking blend.

Durfors’ Castle: Mix of reddish Virginia Cavendish with 25% Black Cavendish with sweet hints of vanilla, chocolate, licorice and soft caramel.

Durfors’ Retreat: Ribbon cut Burley with vanilla and chocolate aromas with a hint of coconut to the nose make up this medium aromatic.

Georgian Crème: Virginias, Burleys, and Black Cavendish with tastes of orchard fruit (mainly peach), nut, honey and a hint of confectioners’ sugar.

Hot Toddy: This special blend was created by combining brighter grades of select Virginias; sun-ripened to develop their natural sweetness. The flue-cured leaf is mellowed out by the addition of a soft black Cavendish. The entire mixture is then made even more special by the addition of one of the most time-honored flavors to be used in pipe blends: zesty, sweet rum.

Luckenbach Hall: Rubbed Burley-Virginia Cake Cavendish, Lemon Virginias, and Xanthi make up this aromatic with a top note of orange liqueur.

Midnight Mardi Gras: American Virginias and Special Black Cavendish with the fragrance and flavor of fresh raspberries.

Mystique of the Andes: Air-cured medium blend of Black Cavendish and Virginian Tobaccos enhanced by the rich fragrance of dark chocolate and mellow Columbian coffee beans.

Ol’ Nantucket: Burley and Virginias are air-cured in this mild to medium blend with maple undertones.

Rebel Rum: Maryland and Virginia Burley with notes of Dark Jamaican rum flavor make up this light and airy blend.

State Fair: Light Tennessee Burley with aromas of candied apples, fresh popcorn, and rich creamy ice-cream all rolled into one.

Strawberry Fields: Lemon and Orange Virginias with Premium Black Cavendish with the fragrance and flavor of fresh strawberries lightly laced with rum and a hint of citrus.

Sunset Pastry: Extremely light bodied Ribbon-cut Lemon tobaccos from Brazils’ Rio Grande de Sol with a unique pastry aroma.

Texas Twister: Virginias and a soft cut cake Burley Cavendish with nutty notes and hazelnut aromas.

Wagon Trail: A beautiful Tennessee Burley ribbon, naturally rich and nutty in flavor, complimented with a touch of North Carolina Bright Virginia for balance. No added aroma. This is as natural a Burley you will ever see.

Western Skies: Golden Virginia, Burley, and Toasted Cavendish make up this mild blend that doesn’t burn hot. Staple blend from early and traditional tobacco times.

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