An English blend is usually one which has Virginia tobacco as its base with Oriental, Latakia and perhaps some Perique tobaccos added to it. In common usage, “English” also denotes a tobacco that is free from artificial flavoring.

A.M. Pipe: Top quality traditional light English perfect for smoking in the morning.

Blenheim: This classic blend brings together the finest mellow Georgian Virginias, Black Cavendish, Mexican Burleys, and Cyprus Latakia while evoking an exotic flair uniquely its own. This distinctively non-aromatic blend produces an astonishing array of refined flavors ranging from mild to medium strength.

Crocketts Pick: Matured Lemon and Orange Virginias, Xanthi Orientals, and Latakia pressed in a cake make this blend smooth, refined, and rich in flavor.

Disraeli: A classic style medium Balkan mixture prepared from rich stoved Virginia strip, Cyprian Latakia, Lemon Carolina, and the finest Greek Oriental tobaccos.

Latakia: Initially sun-cured like other Turkish tobaccos and then further cured over pine or oak firewood. This gives it an intense smoky-peppery taste and smell. Usually by itself it is too strong to smoke straight, intended instead to be used as a “condiment” or “blender”, especially in English, Balkan, and some American Blends.

Magna Carta: A full Cyprian mixture, with ample amounts of dark Latakia that is rich and satisfying. Heat seasoned and topped with a delightful nut and spice.

Prometheus Gift: Our fullest English mixture is rich with Latakia and contains Oriental leaf as well as stoved Virginias to make an extremely pleasing blend.

Remington Cast: Mexican Burley, Balkan Latakia, and Mild Virginias really bring out the spice in this non-aromatic English Blend.

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